Research and development of new mechanisms for resource circulation –
“Hallucigenia Lab”
Case studies

Hallucigenia Lab, an accelerator for organizations with ideas for businessesAims to identify success factors and record explicit knowledge related to the business growth process in order to create new mechanisms for resource circulation


We have begun the “Hallucigenia Lab” accelerator program for research and development of new mechanisms for the circulation for resources such as people, objects and money. In addition, the four organizations participating in this program have been selected. This program is open to organizations that have ideas for businesses that could in future become ecosystems with a role in the circulation of resources. These organizations are provided with funding and six months of business support. Each of the recipients of this support work on the development of new businesses involved in the building of new resource circulation mechanisms. In addition to providing backing to each organization for the development of new business prototypes, SIIF identifies the success factors within that process, records explicit knowledge related to the business growth process, and provides know-how to the business operators, with the aim of inducing them to build new mechanisms for resource circulation.

Origin of the name “Hallucigenia Lab”

The mysterious “Hallucigenia,” which is thought to have been endowed with a highly unusual structure, has become a representative of the Cambrian period that saw an explosion in diversity of new lifeforms, and which included creatures that deviated from the logic of the ecosystem. Our goal is to produce as many entities like the Hallucigenia as possible, in the sense that although they may look distorted or unnatural today, they symbolize an attempt to resolve social problems that will in future become recognized as necessary throughout the world

Program details

● Provides uniquely developed and designed 6-month training program
● Supports business development by assigning a dedicated supervisor for each company

Recipient of subsidy

K.K. Next Commons Lab (Tono City, Iwate Prefecture)

Creation of new community economic zones by developing union organizations through the utilization of cryptoassets

The K.K. Next Commons Lab website can be found here.

Unnan Community High School Consortium (Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture)

Building relationships that transcend generations between local junior and senior high school students and adults, by means of a helper app.

The Unnan Community High School Consortium website can be found here.

Makigumi LLC (Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture)

Collects donations for housing materials aimed at those who have difficulty in securing a place to live, forming of a gift economy platform to support independence

The Makigumi LLC website can be found here.

Kokohore Japan KK (Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture)

Developing media platform to ensure the continuation of regional businesses. Operates “” for regional businesses that need assistance to survive

The Kokohore Japan KK website can be found here.

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