SIIF Social Innovation and Investment Foundation

Japan Social Innovation and Investment Foundation ( Social Innovation and Investment Foundation )

By leveraging our unique perspective as a foundation, we can create an action aiming to help build the base for a society in which the resolution of social problems and the creation of value take place autonomously and sustainably.
Working with companies, local governments, NPOs, and educational institutions, research and other organizations, we propose and execute numerous plans and provide assistance aimed at realizing an ecosystem for social and economic resources that transcends the conventional frameworks of self-help, public help and mutual help.

What is the Japan Social Innovation and Investment Foundation (SIIF)?

Impact Economy Lab

Impact Economy Lab
We will be a catalyst for systemic change toward the realization of an impact economy.

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Five strategic themes for accomplishing our mission

Case studies

Achievements / Case studies

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SIIF cooperates with organizations that are involved in the global promotion of impact investing and social impact measurement/management, and in addition to communicating the latest trends in Japan, it works to disseminate leading cases and knowledge from overseas within Japan.

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