What is the Japan Social Innovation and Investment Foundation (SIIF)? Foundation summary

“Impact” signals our intent for the future.

In today’s world we are seeing the end of an era in which economic value was placed above all else, and the emergence of a diversity of benchmarks to measure value, such as society, the environment and culture. Social impact means positive change that is not limited to economic value. The meaning of this term, which is not yet clearly defined, is something that each and every one of us chooses and creates. It also signals our “intent for the future,” as it were.

Create Impact Create Impact

Vision / Mission


To build the foundation for a society in which the resolution of social problems and the creation of value take place autonomously and sustainably

The goal of SIIF is an inclusive society in which the dreams of both individuals and communities are realized. We believe it is a society that individuals and communities must continually seek, choose and create for themselves.


To build an ecosystem for the circulation of social and economic resources that transcends the framework of self-help, public help and mutual help

Self-help centered on the market economy. Public help based on a centralized system of redistribution. And mutual help and reciprocal aid, which are a form of interdependence at the individual level. SIIF aims to build a new model for the circulation of resources such as funds, people, and knowledge that transcends these frameworks, and to present diverse benchmarks for measuring the value of social outcomes.