Practicing population sharing between cities and regions “ADDress” Case studies

A co-living service that utilizes unoccupied housing to enjoy residency across multiple-locationsSupport and Investment in ADDress


In preparation for the creation of the impact economy, venture capital company ADDress Co., Ltd., which SIIF supports and in which SIIF has invested, provides a co-living service (“ADDress”) that utilizes unoccupied housing to allow members to enjoy residency across multiple locations. By collaborating with people around the country who are active in areas such as starting businesses and urban planning, we aim to create related populations in each region that are involved in multiple businesses, education, culture, medical activities and so on. Since the service began operation last year, it has developed 30 locations nationwide. Recently, this has produced examples of new lifestyles that transcend the provision of housing, such as families who practice dual-schooling (a setup whereby students can attend to schools in cities and in the regions) while staying at an ADDress location. Going forward, the focus will also move to revitalization of the regions by encouraging the transfer of populations from cities to regions, and by promoting the creation and use of idle assets through renovation.

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