Zebras and Company: Supporting the Zebra Enterprise, Solving Social Problems, and Striving for Sustainable Management Case studies

Supporting Zebra enterprises to implement “Zebra Management” in society to solve social issues and manage sustainably


Zebras and Company Inc. (Z&C) is a company specializing in supporting zebra companies, co-founded by the three people who run Tokyo Zebras Unite, a global community of Zebras Unite. Zebra companies are companies that aim to solve social issues and manage their businesses in a sustainable manner, and do not aim for EXIT such as “pursuing profits only for themselves” or IPO with rapid growth in the short term to maximize shareholder value. Z&C will not only educate the public, but will also invest in and support the management of zebra companies, collaborate with government and financial institutions, and systematize and disseminate the knowledge gained from these activities.

There are socially responsible companies that are not eligible for investment from the viewpoint of investment efficiency, and zebra companies are one of them that are attracting attention. SIIF, in collaboration with Z&C, will promote the development of management know-how and investment schemes for zebra companies.

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