Local Business Lab~TANOMOSHI’ first meeting on Thursday 21 January.
Challenges for new local revitalisation together with the Kouno Shinkin Bank.
Press releases

Misogigawa Inc (Location: Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture; CEO: Nami Moriyama, President; hereinafter “Misogigawa”), which has been selected by Social Innovation and Investment Foundation (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Chair of Executive Committee: Shuichi Ohno) as an executing organisation for the FY 2019 dormant deposit utilisation program “Social business growth support project for local revitalisation”, has been working with the Konohana Shinkin Bank (Location: Hozu-gun, Ishikawa Prefecture) to support the establishment and development of businesses closely linked to the Okunoto region. They will hold the first session of the Local Business Lab – TANOMOSHI acceleration programme on Thursday 21 January, where participants can participate into various experimental initiatives by making use of the characteristics of the Okunoto region.