Publication of the “Impact Management Report” by Surala Net Case studies

First Listed Company to Publish Social Impact Measurement and Management Report

Social impact measurement/management 

With its corporate philosophy of “revolutionizing education and empowering children to live,” Surala Net provides adaptive interactive ICT teaching material “Surala” to about 2,200 cram schools and schools in Japan. In May 2020, SIIF released the first issue of its Impact Report. SIIF supported their social impact measurement and management to help them grow their corporate value both economically and socially.

Logic Model of Suraranet

Comments from SuRaLa Net

Surala Net

Surala Net is a company that is committed in solving social issues in its core business. This is the first time we have visualized and quantified the results (outcomes) of our efforts to solve social issues, and we believe it is a valuable first step.
We believe that this initiative was also meaningful in terms of management strategy. By building a logic model, we were able to identify the areas that we are not currently addressing in the series of processes for solving problems. Tackling the areas that we are currently unable to tackle will provide us with new business opportunities. Going forward, we will continue to work even more diligently to solve the social issues we have decided to tackle.

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