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Our Activity

We hope that the “new philanthropy*” will become the norm in society, which focuses on social impact by using various funding sources more strategically, from donations to investments.

*”New philanthropy” is to combine various funding and business support methods for the public benefit, beyond traditional donations, grants and volunteers.

The SIIF members who has led the new philanthropy project leaves the organization to establish a new company. The company will continue to provide philanthropic advisory services to high-net-worth individuals and financial institutions. Additionally, the knowledge SIIF has accumulated in this area will be inherited and continuously shared on the company’s website.

SIIF will work closely with the company to further invigorate philanthropy in Japan, and will also focus on “catalytic capital” to create greater impact, specifically striving to build an ecosystem of impact-oriented capital that can be effectively used to resolve social issues.

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Our main activities

■Research and Study

We published a research report dedicated to clarify the ecosystem (environment, structure, players, etc.) that enables Japanese high-net-worth individuals to practice the “new philanthropy,” by conducting a survey of domestic and international literature and interviews with Japanese stakeholders.

■Publications (See the article “Topics on the New Philanthropy”)
This section provides information and domestic and international case studies on the “new philanthropy.”

*Advisory services for individual philanthropic activities from strategic planning to implementation and effectiveness verification, which have been conducted by SIIF until April 2023, will be provided by Philanthropy Advisors, Inc.For details, please see the company’s website from the link below.

Case studies

Five strategic themes for accomplishing our mission