History Foundation summary

  • Publication of Vision Papers on the Root Causes and Possible Solutions of 3 Major Systemic Issues of “Opportunity Gap,” “Regional Revitalization” and “Healthcare,” including Systems Mapping and Theories of Changes.
  • Investment in Rennovater Co., Ltd. and kizuki Co., Ltd. through JVPF (Japan Venture Philanthropy Fund.)
  • Publication of “Basic Survey for the Dissemination of IPOs by Impact-Driven Startups.“
  • Release of Consumer Survey on Impact Investing in Japan 2022.
  • Investment in Ubie, Inc., by Hataraku FUND (Japan Impact Investment II LLP)
  • Adoptation of 2 Organizations as Private Organizations Carrying out Public Interest Activities related to SIIF’s Place-Based Impact VCs project in accordance with the Dormant Deposits Utilization Act.
  • Publication of Concept Paper on IPOs of Impact-Driven Companies
  • Investment in Sukedachi, Inc. by Hataraku FUND (Japan Impact Investment II LLP)
  • Annoucement of AUM of Impact Investment in Japan reaching 1,320.4 billion JPY in the Annual Survey on the Current Status and Issues of Impact Investing in Japan 2021.
  • Investment in CaiTechi, Inc. by Hataraku FUND (Japan Impact Investment II LLP)
  • Adoption As One of the Organization Distributing Funds in accordance with the Dormant Deposits Utilization Act.
  • Investment in Yale Inc., by Hataraku Fund
  • Investment in CureApp, Inc., by Hataraku Fund
  • Investment in Kokohore Japan Inc., which addresses the issue of succession of regional small businesses
  • Publication of the survey report, “The Current State and Challenges of Impact Investing in Japan: FY2020 Survey” and announced that the impact investment AUM in Japan is 512.6 billion yen.
  • Selection of four implementing organizations for the “Collective Impact Project to Solve Local Issues” under the FY2020 Dormant Deposit Utilization Program.
  • Investment in Zebras and Company Inc., which supports Zebras companies that aim to both solve social issues and achieve sustainable business management.
  • Selected as a fund distributing organization for the “Regional Impact Fund Establishment and Operational Support Project” in FY2021 under the Act on Utilization of Dormant Deposits, etc.
  • Publication of “General Consumer Survey on Impact Investments for FY2021”
  • Investment in Linc Inc., by Hataraku Fund
  • Investment in Compass Inc., by Hataraku Fund
  • Business alliance with Acumen, a pioneering impact investing organization
  • Launch of the “Japan Impact-driven Financing Initiative” aiming to solve environmental and social issues through finance
  • Business alliance with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, one of the largest Philanthropy Advisors in the U.S.
  • Fund distribution organization adopted for the “Social Business Growth Support Project for Community Revitalization” of the FY2019 Dorman Accounts Utilization System. Six service providers were selected.
  • Launch of investing in and supporting three alumnis of the “Social Change Makers” program sponsored by the Nippon Foundation.
  • Financial Service Agency (FSA) and GSG National Advisory Board (Secretariat: SIIF) co-host “Study group on impact investing” in every two months.
  • “Hallucigenia Lab” aims to create a new ecosystem for resource circulation.
  • Launch of investing in and supporting ADDress, a platform for enabling residency across multiple locations by utilizing unoccupied housing.
  • Set up and managed jointly with Shinsei Corporate Investment and Mizuho Bank the social impact investment fund
  • Merged with the Institute for the Advancement of Social Innovation and renamed ourselves as the Social Innovation and Investment Foundation
  • Participated in the Healthcare New Frontier Fund initiated by Kanagawa Prefecture
  • In order to further accelerate the social impact investment market building initiatives, founded Japan Social Impact Investment Foundation (SIIF)
  • Start of first, full-scale Japanese SIB projects in Kobe and Hachioji
  • Founding of the Social Impact Measurement Initiative (SIMI; now the Social Impact Management Initiative)
  • Start of SIB pilot projects in Yokosuka, Amagasaki, and Fukuoka Cities
  • A social investing promotion office was set up within The Nippon Foundation, and The Nippon Foundation and its partners represented Japan on the G8 Social Impact Investment Taskforce (now the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment)
  • The Nippon Foundation hosted a secretariat managing the strategic and day-to-day activities of the GSG Japan National Advisory Board
  • Nippon Foundation and Social Investment Partners jointly establish Japan Venture Philanthropy Fund (JVPF)
  • The Nippon Foundation started to engage in research to promote social impact investment in Japan