Initiated the SIB project first-ever for support of giving up smoking Case studies

Provided total support from investment to implementation in relation to the SIB for the “Toyonaka Giving Up Smoking Project” in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture.

PFS/SIB Partnership project with government

Began “Toyonaka Giving Up Smoking Project” in July 2019, the world’s first SIB to support people trying to stop smoking. In addition to investing in this project, the SIIF was involved at the project structuring stage in designing outcome metrics and methods for evaluating social impact, as well as investigating payment conditions and funding approaches. At the project implementation stage we provided further assistance, such as by conducting periodic progress monitoring.

Overview of the project to support giving up smoking for those living and/or working in Toyonaka City

The social problem and its background

In contrast to the nationwide trend of promoting giving up smoking, initiatives by Toyonaka City were restricted to giving people the contact details of outpatient departments for stopping smoking, and the need to implement a more diverse range of measures for city residents had become an issue.

Project name
“Toyonaka Giving Up Smoking Project”
Project cost
Project period
Three years, beginning in 2019
Targeted outcomes
Aims to encourage people to give up smoking to prevent the negative impacts on health of smoking / passive smoking, and to moderate healthcare and nursing care benefit costs.
Role of SIIF
<As an investor>
Provision of funds
<As an intermediary support organization>
Project structuring stage: support for investigating outcome metrics and methods for evaluating social impact, payment conditions, and funding approaches, etc.
Project implementation stage: monitoring project progress

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