Impact Economy Lab

Our Activity

We established Impact Economy Lab in June 2022 aiming to be a catalyst for system change toward materializing the impact economy. We are working to create practical wisdom, communities and movements in collaboration with various stakeholders.

What is the Impact Economy?

Impact economy is the system where the measurement (and management) of social and environmental impact are integrated into all economic activities and located at the center of decision-making in government, business, investment and consumption.
“Impact: Reshaping Capitalism to Drive Real Change,” Sir Ronald Cohen

Impact Economy as the Key to the “New Economy”

We believe that holistic, system thinking and regenerative approaches are key to materializing the Impact Economy.

Team Members

Fumi SUGENO Impact Economy Lab
Chief of Impact Economy Lab
Michiru TODA Impact Economy Lab
Deputy Chief of Impact Economy Lab
Satoshi ODA Impact Economy Lab
Knowledge Development Office
Kanafumi FURUICHI Impact Economy Lab
Impact Catalyst

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