Tackling Three Complex and Wicked Social Issues ~Healthcare~

Tackling Three Complex and Wicked Social Issues

The social crisis caused by COVID-19 has brought to light not only the declining birthrate and aging population, but also various problems that Japanese society is facing, such as health disparities by income and region.
We would like to explore not only the creation of structural changes in the medical and healthcare industries and public systems, but also efforts to promote changes in individual awareness and the nature of mutual support so that no one is left behind in terms of physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

Issue Structure Map Healthcare


Team Leader Noriko SAWAI

I have been engaged in incubation, hands-on investment, and IPO support business in biotechnology, life science, and IT for about 15 years at a domestic VC firm. After developing new businesses based on the concept of personalized medicine, I was in charge of policy-making related to personalized medicine and genomics in the government. I joined SIIF in February 2020 and am in charge of investment development for Hataraku Fund, the secretariat of GSG-IMM (Impact Evaluation Management), and planning impact investments in the marine sector.

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