Tackling Three Complex and Wicked Social Issues ~Opportunity Gap~

Tackling Three Complex and Wicked Social Issues
~Opportunity Gap~

Economic disparities arise for a variety of reasons, including the burden of caring for children and the elderly, gender gaps, nationality, and differences in opportunities to develop educational and professional skills. Such disparities in many cases are inherited from parents to children, and the society becomes less fluid. Economic activity can be both a cause of and a solution to these challenges.

By supporting innovations that mitigate and eliminate economic disparities, and by encouraging diversity, equity and inclusion in business management and updating government resource allocation processes, we will seek ways to achieve social inclusion and empowerment of all people.

Issue Structure Map Opportunity Gap


Team Leader Yuya KATO

I worked for a general publishing company where he led IP licensing and business development with domestic and international affiliates, as well as managing corporate venture capital and business alliances with startups.
From 2019, he joined SIIF as an impact investor, and is in charge of managing the Japan Impact Investment II LLP (also known as “Hataraku Fund”) and responsible for new impact investment projects. MBA

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